Alexandria Tree Services Explained By Northern Virginia’s Top Arborist

How A Northern VA Arborist Explains The Trimming Process For A Diseased Tree And Why You Should Care If You Own A Home?

Do the trimming wrong, and you could actually harm your trees, if not end up in legal trouble with the city of Alexandria. More importantly, you could harm yourself if you’re not careful. That being said, it’s better if you don’t try to do the pruning yourself for both of those reasons. That means you want to get in touch with the tree trimming companies so that they can do the work for you.

After initially speaking with Dan, who helped me prepare this guide, it was clear that arborists are actually the ones who have the expertise required to get the job done right, not just any guy or gal with a chainsaw. It also because obvious that diseased limbs are not so easy to cure, and an arborist is the only one that can certainly know that he or she is taking the right approach. Treating a diseased tree isn’t just about the trimming and you can learn more about it on Dan’s company website at or by checking out other DIY guides. You’re trying to do everything possible to help the tree survive and get better.

There is diseased wood and that is one thing, but you have to take into account the other two D’s as well. They are dead and damaged wood. Wood that is dead obviously needs to be removed, and the same goes for limbs of a tree that are damaged. These need to be removed for several reasons, including the ants! Diseased limbs often need to be removed, too.

What you might not know is that dead wood is going to attract critters. These insects can cause the rest of the tree to become diseased. There are all kinds of things that can happen. Dead, damaged and diseased wood that is left alone is only going to cause a tree more problems.

If you ever think about letting dead wood sit around, simply refer back to the video below and I promise that you’ll change your mind real quick!

Insects aren’t the only culprit that can cause trees to get diseases. There are all kinds of things that attack trees, like viruses and fungi, bacteria, too. Sometimes it’s hard to tell that something is even wrong with a tree, especially early on. That’s why it is sometimes recommended to have an arborist come out to your home annually to take a look at your trees and see what needs to be done.

You might or might not have the money for that type of annual checkup though. For now, you’re just wanting to know what is required when you are getting ready to have a diseased tree trimmed up. Now that you know you shouldn’t be doing it yourself, you can always ask the arborist after setting up an appointment.

Yet you’re also going to need to hire the right arborist. In that case, it helps knowing what needs to be done. You might have heard that diseased trees end up taking care of themselves. Well yes, they do if they don’t die first. But their self shedding and the likes is also a process that doesn’t happen quickly. In other words, if a diseased tree survives, the process of survival via shedding the bad or dead tree tissue can last years.

You don’t want to let your tree fend for itself. And as mentioned, you don’t want to do the trimming. You want the tree to be in good shape and continue to get better, disease free. That is why you need a qualified arborist to do the job.